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“Soriana is ‘our Syria’. A homeland we left behind, forced out either by a search or by circumstances. We head out thinking that we carry no baggage, completely unaware of the biggest gift our country has bestowed upon us.
That gift is the gift of musical knowledge. It remains with me throughout many journeys, it soothes wounds and inspires creation, provides warmth and a platform of stability, images, aromas, tastes that water the mouth and inspire new creations still.
This music is my gift to our Syria – Soriana.”

Basel Rajoub

Soriana Project Contemporary Music from the Orient is a body of musical works by Syrian composer and instrumentalist Basel Rajoub. The project features collaborations with like-minded artists celebrating their heritage and paying homage to the gift of musical knowledge.

NEW CD RELEASE Out the 13 may 2016

“The Queen of Turquoise” will be released by JAZZ VILLAGE - HARMONIA MUNDI.

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- Switzerland / Geneve 3/11/2016 Special project with WU MAN (Chinese Pipa) Basel Rajoub, Feras Charestan, Andrea Piccioni

-Switzerland / Locarno 19/11/2016

-Switzerland / Rommanshorn 20/11/2016

-UK / London - Wigmore Hall 02/12/2016

SORIANA PROJECT - "Jasmine tree"

Photo credits: Jean-Christophe Arav